Current President


Janice Davies

Special Message from Jack Canfield - Founding Member





What is the International Council for Self-Esteem?

The Council serves as a resource for anyone interested in research, training, materials, and resources related to self-esteem. Our purpose is to promote public and personal awareness of the benefits of a healthy sense of self-esteem and personal responsibility and to establish conditions within families, schools, businesses and governments that foster these qualities.






The individual, to stimuate the sense of  personal responsibility in both private and public life.

The family
, the critical element in nurturing the children's self-esteem.

The school, an important institution where self-esteem can be nurtured throughout a period of a child's life.

The workplace, where adults can achieve self-esteem and fulfillment through their work. Government, where responsible citizenship is fostered by treating individuals with respect and dignity.




Who belongs to the International Council?

The Council is composed of two representatives from each of over 70 countries. These representatives network within their own country, share resources, and plan events related to self-esteem.


Membership is open only to residents of countries not represented on the "List  of Countries."